3/9/2016 Coaching Course – Good Bad and Ugly with Lyn Pemberton and Sue Gaudion

Dear Good Bad & Ugly Coaches

Sue and I hope your coaching has grown throughout the 2016 season and we are guessing that many of you will be heading into finals commencing this week or next so best wishes for your team/s to play great netball.

Series 4 is ready to go on November 6th 2016, a full day of action packed “Game Sense Makes Sense”.

REGISTER ON LINE NOW AT: www.thegoodthebadtheugly.org

Please follow the Registration prompts on the flyer to register and pre-pay to attend the course.

There have been a number of people that have registered their interest in attending Series 4; thank you very much.  You will need to complete the on-line payment for your registration to be accepted.

We look forward to meeting up with you all again and give you a package that will keep you going with endless scenarios.

Kind Regards

Lyn and Sue



WA: SERIES 4 – Sunday 6th November 2016


REGISTER ON LINE NOW AT: www.thegoodthebadtheugly.org