A uniform day will be held on Sunday 11 February 2018, 3.00-5.00pm at Joondalup Sports Club (formerly ACSRA), HBF Joondalup Arena. All players requiring a dress, hoodie or jacket should attend on this day.

Beaumaris Netball Club prides itself on being appropriately presented at all games therefore it is compulsory for each player to have the correct uniform.

All players are required to wear the BNC Playing Dress

uniform dress 2015

Players must also wear SHORT Black Boy Leg / Bike Shorts over underwear.

Footwear:  BNC players are required to wear appropriate footwear to games and training to aide in injury prevention, no skate shoes, volleys, smooth soled shoes or shoes that do not lace up.  Umpires are able to prevent players taking the court in the event that they are not wearing suitable footwear.

Please note the following are not permitted:

Bike shorts that show below skirt length and long sleeved tops under the playing shirt

Any uniform infringement will result in JNA penalising the offending team by 2 goals for each player not correctly attired.

If you are interested donating your second hand uniforms to The Club click here


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