20/1/16 – Rule Changes

Netball Australia have issued some rule changes

Please keep the following in mind and be patient while our umpires get used to the changes.

Snapshot of key rule changes:

Umpires no longer blow their whistle when goals are scored and if it is clear that the ball is out of court.
The use of the word ‘Penalties’ has been changed to ‘Sanctions’. Sanctions will include Free Pass or Penalty Pass. Throw Ins and Toss Ups are considered actions as opposed to Sanctions (or penalties under the current version).
When taking a centre pass, the Centre is required to now only have one foot wholly within the centre circle.
Once a player taking a penalty pass is in the correct position, the player may choose either to play the ball immediately or to wait for the infringer to stand out of play. However, it is important to note that the changes to the rule regarding the taking of the penalty pass do not remove the requirement for a player who is sanctioned for a major infringement to stand out of play.
All injury/illness stoppages, which include blood, will be 30 seconds, and the player must come off the court.
Goal tending will no longer be allowed. Players will not be able to deflect a shot once the ball is on a downward flight towards the ring, including touching the ball up through the net.

Additional supporting resources:

Check out the following resources to support the implementation of the new rules.

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Online education
Netball Australia has updated the online Level 1 Umpires Course and Section 1 Umpire Theory Exam with the new rule changes and these are both now available to complete via the MyNetball Learning Portal.

If you would like to seek further clarification please email rules@netball.com.au