Umpiring Courses

Courses and Workshops

Whilst you can start umpiring at any stage we highly recommend that all umpires participate in training whether they are beginning or experienced.  Umpiring is constantly updating and changing so it will benefit you highly to continually upskill and learn more about how to umpire.

Some of the courses are as follows –

Section One Theory Exam (accredited)

This exam is multiple choice and covers the rules of the game.  It is free to sit, and you can re-sit it as many times as you would like.  You should aim to get over 70% as that is the first pre-requisite to be tested for an umpiring badge.

Click here to do the course online.

Level One Umpiring Course (accredited)

The Level One umpiring course provides an introduction to the basic techniques and knowledge required of a netball umpire. It is for all ages and skill levels.  An umpire has to resit this course every 6 years. Netball Australia has released the course online in 2015 and can be completed here:-

Level One Umpires Course

The cost is $25, upon completion you will be provided with a certificate, and you will be accredited with this course.