Individual Achievements 2020

Congratulations to Rylee Hall on being accepted into the Western Roar Pride 20U development squad.

Individual Achievements 2019

Congratulations to the Metro League Player award recipients

MVP (draw): Georgia Taylor & Rylee Hall
MVP: Rosy Allen
MVP (draw):      Rachel Simmonds & Tahlia Bryant
MVP: Delaney Smith

Congratulations to the BNC players that made the JNA STSAC squads

Mischa Drysdale
Teagan Edwards
Kya Fisher
Shelby Sirmans
Carys Yates

Ava Madden
Hannah Ricketts
Sarah Tonkin
Maddie Taylor

Rylee Hall
Maisie Henderson
Rachael Little
Sarah Phipps
Georgia Taylor
Ebony Walton

Individual Achievements 2018

Hana Stokes has been selected into the WA state U19s team, playing Nationals in Adelaide in April!
Congratulations to her and family. Especially since mum and her three other sisters all played for BNC!

Rylee Hall was selected for the U16’s WCNR Cadet cup squad

The following players were selected for the JNA STSAC squads in 2018

Mischa Drysdale
Tegan Edwards
Carys Yates
Ceinwen Tuffrey
Caitlyn Davison
Ava Madden
Amy Beissel
Sarah Tonkin
Annie Alsop
Rylee Hall
Maisie Henderson
Sarah Phipps
Maddie George
Georgia Taylor
Rosy Allen

Congratulations to our BNC athletes selected in the 2019 JNA Metro League Squads

Caitlyn Davison
Teagan Edwards

Rylee Hall
Alex Phipps
Sarah Phipps
Georgia Taylor

Rosy Allen
Darcie Birchall
Ebony Walton

Melissa Baker
Tahlia Bryant
Imogen Resta
Rachel Simmonds

Individual Achievements 2017

Robyn Windeatt has been selected in the State 12 & Under netball team and will travel to Adelaide in December.

Superb effort Robyn – well done!

Congratulations to all the girls that were selected to represent JNA at the STSAC in 2017


Robyn Windeatt


Jade Lee and Emily Wolsoncroft


Danielle Bouwer and Keeley Oakes


Amy Beissel, Calista Smith, Maddison Taylor and Caitlyn Thomson


Ava Madden, Hannah Ricketts and Sarah Tonkin


Maddie George and Sarah Phipps


Maisie Henderson, Aisyah Jones, Alex Phipps and Georgia Taylor


Annie Alsop


Rosy Allen and Ebony Walton


Sophie Kershaw


Katie Rabe

Congratulations Rosy Allen – Rosy got her Umpire’s C Badge on Monday 7th August!  Fabulous Rosy!

Congratulations Clare Brimelow –  Clare got her Umpire’s C Badge on Monday 17th July.

She was also invited into the WCNR Umpiring Academy and had her first session last Sunday.

Fantastic to see you doing so well Clare!

Congratulations to the following girls, they are in the Junior Warriors Squad for this year:

Under 12s Junior Warriors squad: Sophie Ryan & Robyn Windeatt

Under 13s Junior Warriors squad: Keeley Oakes & Maddison Taylor

14U Cadet Squad: Rylee Hall

Individual Achievements 2016

Congratulations to the Beaumaris Netball Club athletes that were successful in gaining a position in the Regional Dare to Develop A Diamond Trials.  We look forward to seeing you all compete in the upcoming Cadets and Regional Academy Cup.

Cadets: Tahlia Bryant, Kate Phipps, Jess Parker

Academy: Imogen Resta, Emily Hathaway

Erin Horsfall is now a C Badge umpire – Congratulations!

Congratulations to the following girls who received individual Awards

at the recent 2016 Smarter Than Smoking Association Carnival…

Encouragement Award:   Leuk Marsden-Nelson – 12A

Runner Up JNA Champion:  Chanelle Tilbury – 15A

JNA Champion:  Imogen Resta – 17

K. Rabe was in the Open A’s that took out the 2016 STSAC Team of the Year Award

Congratulations to our umpire Téa Becket. Téa has been selected for the West Coast Netball Region Umpire Academy for 2016. This is a reflection of not only her development but also her commitment to your umpiring throughout the season.   Téa has the opportunity to umpire at the following events:

• Fitness Testing  • Warriors Cup  • Rules Discussion with Netball WA • Develop a Diamond Regional Academy Hub Day  • WCNR Nutrition Talk 6 • WANL Grand Final • DADRA Hub Day  • Academy Cup / Cadet Cup  • WCNR Team trials & Match Play

Congratulations to the following Beaumaris Players for their selection in the 2016 Juniors Warriors Squad


Leuk Nelson-Marsden

Keeley Oakes

Hannah Ricketts


Maddie George

4 out of the 15 girls from JNA that got selected were from Beaumaris Netball Club

We are extremely proud of your efforts!

Congratulations to our Green Shirt Umpires for last Spring:

Isla Thomson

Emma Mitchell

Erin Horsfalls

Imogen Resta

Congratulations to the following Beaumaris Players for taking part in the 2016 Smarter Than Smoking Association Squads


Katie Rabe


Tahlia Bryant & Imogen Resta


Bethan Fountaine, Kate Phipps,  Chanelle Tilbury & Ella Yates


Rosie Allen, Darcie Birchell, Zoe Harrison, Katherine Hodgins & Ebony Walton

Taleesha Grainger, Alexandra Phipps & Sarah Phipps


Amy Beissel, Amber Norton, Keeley Oaks & Calista Smith

Individual Achievements 2015

Brie Walters was named WA Tour Captain 2015.

We know she will be a fantastic leader for the State squad and we couldn’t be more proud of her.

Brie Walters

Congratulations to the following girls for their achievements at the West Coast Netball Region Trials

Hana Stokes and Rachel Simmonds accepted to the Regional Academy Program

Ava Lennox and Ella Yates accepted to the Cadet Program

and Caitlin Moore has also got through

We have 2 new C Badge umpires!!


Achieving the umpire’s C Badge takes dedication and effort

 Congratulations Téa Beckett & Jess Whitehouse

Congratulations to our Green Shirts!

MPM_8159 - 2015-06-06 at 11-20-401BNC are proud to add more umpires to our Team!MPM_8212 - 2015-06-06 at 11-34-165

Leteisha Lampard,  Mia Donegan,  Sarah Young

As of June 27th they all have completed the JNA Green Shirt Program!

 Indoor State Squad have been announced:

 Congratulations to all the Beaumaris Girls that have been selected for the Indoor State Squads!

U12’s – Sarah Phipps

U14’s – Emily Hathaway & Cassidy Smith

U16’s – Rachel Simmonds, Delaney Smith, Bree Walters, Imogen Resta & Tahlia Bryant

Congratulations Téa Beckett and Kiralee Bryant

Following their recent performance at the 2015 Development Programs Junior Warriors and Regional Academy / Cadets trials the girls have been asked to take ofe of only 4 places available to umpire the finals at the Warriors Cup on 28th June.

A fantastic achievement girls!

We are very proud to announce the success of many of our athletes who have recently trialled for selection in squads and teams through the Netball WA Pathway.

The following athletes have been selected to participate in the 2015 Junior Warriors program

13s – Caitlin Moore

The following athletes have made it through to final selections for the 2015 Cadet/Academy teams to be held this Sunday at the State Netball Centre.

 Ava Lennox       Hana Stokes     Ella Yates      Rachel Simmonds


 Over the June long weekend many of our girls represented

Joondalup Netball Association at the Smarter Than Smoking Association Carnival.

Congratulations to all the girls that played and special mention to the following girls for their awards:

Rachelle Simmonds – Fairest and Best for 15a’s
Tahlia Bryant – Runner Up for 15a’s
Caitlin Moore – Runner Up for 13a’s
Katherine Hodgkin – Runner up 13c’s

Of course you can’t have great teams without great coaches and three Beaumaris Coaches were selected to lead these talented girls.

Congratulations to coaches Karen Young ,Ingrid Bryant and Lynda Simmonds

and Assistant Coach Nicola Resta

Congratulations to our four umpires that have been Talent Identified and invited to Umpire at the upcoming trials for the 2015 West Coast Region Development Programs for the Junior Warriors and Regional Academy/Cadets in June.

Great job Jessica Whitehouse, Kiralee Bryant, Tahlia Bryant and Téa Beckett.

 This girl is heading for the big time!

Congratulations Hana Stokes for being selected in the 15 State Schoolgirls Netball Team.

Your hard work is paying off. Off to Sydney now, GO HANA!!

 Congratulations to Hana Stokes for being selected in the 2015 WA State Schoolgirls Squad – Awesome Effort Hana!

Jess WhitehouseBouncers Player of the Season – Spring 2014/15 Division 3. Congratulations Jess.


Player Achievements 2014

Isabelle Szemray has made it into the Warriors U18 team and Hana Stokes has been selected for the Warriors In Time development programme.  Fantastic work girls – you make us proud!!

Our girls don’t stop just because it’s Spring!  These girls have been selected for the State Indoor Netball Teams:
Congratulations  Hana Stokes , Rachel Simmons , Brianna Walters, Michelle Bester, and Delaney Smith

indoor state 2014

indoor nationals 2 2014 indoor nationals

let's go crazy

Congratulations to our umpire Kiralee Bryant who was the only JNA umpire to have been invited to participate in a two day regional academy carnival.

BNC players have once again been selected in West Coast Netball Regional teams: 
AcademyTeam 1 Hana Stokes and Isabelle Szemray – Team 1 finished 5th in their division – Great Effort Girls!
CadetsCaitlin Murphy and Imogen Resta
Under 12’sMichelle Bester and Caitlin Moore

Well done girls!

Huge Congratulations again to Caitlin Moore who secured her place in the squad for State School Netball.
Caitie traveled to the Sunshine Coast in September and had a great time
‘WELL DONE CAITIE’ (She’s the GS)state

Congratulations to Beaumaris Umpires, Kiralee Bryant and Téa Beckett who have been Talent Identified to umpire the Warrior’s Cup.   Téa was then selected to umpire the finals for the Cup, WCNR selectors were so impressed with with her standard of umpiring they have offered her one of only two places available to umpire at the Belmont carnival!  Jessica Whitehouse and Harriet Brookes are also congratulated on their umpiring at the State School Sport netball trials.

Well done to the following BNC players who were selected to represent JNA at the Members Association Carnival 2014:

Special congratulations to  Martina Bossert (12U) and Caitlin Murphy (15U) who were both voted best Team Player of the Championships for JNA.

Congratulation also to Caitlin Murphy, Delaney Smith and Isabelle Szemray who played in the side that won the 15U Division 2 Grand Final, and to Kate Phipps and Isabella Forte who played in the 13U team that won the Division 4 Grand Final!

Michelle Bester, Caitlin Moore, Libby Tattersall, Erin Horsfall, Rebecca Letizia, Ebony Walton, Martina Bossert, Zoe Harrison.

Ellie Walters, Isabella Forte, Kate Phipps, Cassidy Smith, Chanelle Tilbery.

Tahlia Bryant, Leteisha Lampard, Hana Stokes, Bethany Brookes, Imogen Resta, Emma Wishart, Shelbie Elliman, Isla Manson, Sasha Pugsley.

Caitlin Murphy, Delaney Smith, Isabelle Szemray, Ashlee Dullard, Olivia Holt.

Brianna Walters

Player Achievements 2013

Well done to two of our U12 girls, Ellie Walters and Michelle Bester and U13’s Hana Stokes who were selected to represent WA in the 2013 State Indoor Netball Championship. The girls will travel to Sydney in December.

Congratulations to Caitlin Murphy and Isabelle Szemray who have been selected in the 2013 West Coast Netball Regions Cadet Program. The girls will compete in the Netball WA Cadet Carnival at Fremantle on the 18th of August.

BNC is very proud of the following players who won Best Player awards at the Members Association Carnival:
Kate Phipps 12B
Bethany Brookes 13B
Isabelle Szemray 14A
Lucy Gates 17B
Jade Morgan Open B

We would also like to congratulate Sasha-Lee Smith and Jade Morgan whose team won the Open B Grand Final, undefeated all week-end!

Congratulations to the following BNC players who were selected to represent JNA at the Members Association Carnival week-end on the 1st-3rd June 2013.

Sasha-Lee Smith

Jade Morgan
Cassie Hegarty
Lauren Sherriffs

Lucy Gates
Jessica Delaport

Hannah Peters
Montana Morgan
Brianna Walters
Caitlin Murphy

Isabelle Szemray
Ashlee Dullard
Emma Wishart
Hana Stokes
Leteisha Lampard

Tahlia Bryant
Georgia Brennan
Bethany Brookes
Cheyenne Morgan

Isla Manson
Ellie Walters

Kate Phipps

Player Achievements 2012

Beaumaris Netball Club would like to congratulate our Umpire Coordinator, Tegan Hegarty on becoming a Cadet Umpire. This means that Tegan is now qualified to assess and award badging to umpires, congratulations on this huge achievement Tegan!

Well done to Caitlin Murphy who was selected in the Number One team of the 2012 Falconettes Squad! Caitlin competed in the Inter Regional Carnival on Sunday 19th August at Perth Netball Association.

Beaumaris Netball Club is very proud of the following players who were awarded the top individual awards from JNA for the Members Association Carnival!

Player voted Fairest and Best in the combined 12U and 13U age groups

Player voted Fairest and Best in the combined 14U and 15U age groups

Player voted Fairest and Best in the combined 17U and Open Divisions

Well done girls!!

Congratulations to the following BNC players who were selected to represent JNA at the Members Association Carnival week-end on the 2-4th June 2012.

Open A Open B U17
Natasha Stokes Bronte Booth Hannah Hawkins
Sasha-Lee Smith Courtney Urquhart Hayley Sherriffs
Cassie Gregoriadis Haylee Warhurst

U15 U14 U13
Cassie Hegarty Hannah Peters Caitlin Murphy
Lauren Sherriffs Montana Morgan Ashlee Dullard
Brianna Waters Jessica Dymock

Leteisha Lampard
Cheyenne Morgan
Hana Stokes

Well done to two of our senior Beaumaris girls, Hayley Sherriffs and Tash Stokes who travelled to Queensland in May 2012 to represent WA in the U18 team for the State Indoor Netball Campionships.

Congratulations Sasha-Lee Smith who was selected as a rookie for the Falcons Reserves in the 2012 State League competition.