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What age group should my child be enrolled in for the 2020 season?


2020 Age groups

Born Age Group Day Start Date
2015 NSG NET 5yr olds Saturday-skills only (8 week program)Register with JNA
2014 NSG NET 6yr olds Saturday-skills only (8 week program)Register with JNA
2013 NSG SET 7’s Modified comp Saturday  
2012 NSG SET 8’s Modified comp Saturday  
2011 NSG GO 9’s Modified comp Saturday  
2010 NSG GO 10’s Modified comp Saturday  
2009 Juniors 11& Under Saturday  
2008 Juniors 12& Under Saturday  
2007 Juniors 13& Under Monday Night  
2006 Juniors 17& Under Monday Night  
2005 Juniors 17& Under Monday Night  
2004 Juniors 17& Under Monday Night  
2003 Juniors 17& Under Monday Night  
2002 and earlier Opens Monday Night  

I’m having trouble registering online, who can help me?
If you have any queries regarding registration please contact our Registrar  registrar@beaumarisnetballclub.com.au  


I’ve just had my ears pierced, can I tape them to play?
No, JNA Policy for Jewellery states:
1. As per the Official Rules of Netball 2007, Rule 1.4.3, no jewellery, pierced adornments (including
pierced ears) or other sharp objects may be worn.
2. A medic alert bracelet may be worn under a sweat band or must be adequately taped.
3. A wedding band may be worn but must be adequately taped.


I have long fingernails.  Can I keep them long and either tape them or wear gloves while playing?
No, JNA Policy for fingernails states:
Fingernails must be cut short and smooth. Taping is not allowed. Suitable gloves may be worn however
fingernails must still be short and smooth.


My child’s friend plays for Beaumaris Netball Club, can they be in the same team?
Children playing NetSetGO – Net Tier are not placed in teams, their sessions incorporate skill activities, minor games, music, dance and modified matches.
Children playing in grades from NetSetGO – Set Tier and GO Tier can request to be placed in a team with friends of the same age. Please indicate this at time of registration.  We will do our best to accommodate your request but can not guarantee it.
All children playing grades 11&U to Open will be graded into teams that have a balanced group of players of similar ability.  Please refer to our grading page for more information.


How can I save money on fees?
KidSport enables eligible Western Australian children aged 5–18 years to participate in community sport and recreation by offering them financial assistance towards club fees.