Welcome to 2020 NetSetGO netball season!

NetSetGO is Netball Australia’s only junior entry netball program. It has been developed to provide children from 5-10 years with the best possible learning and playing experience to develop a positive introduction to netball, ensuring enjoyment and continued participation.

NetSetGO incorporates skill activities, minor games, music, dance and modified matches in a fun and safe environment. The weekly program is coordinated by accredited coaches to ensure a quality experience for all participants.

For all the info, check out Getting to know NetSetGo

NetSetGO There are three tiers – Net, Set and GO. 

Net is a skills/activity program for 5 and 6 year olds. This tier will be organised by JNA not BNC. 

Set is a modified competition for 7 and 8 year olds. 

GO is the 9&U and 10&U competition. This tier is a transition from modified competition into junior netball. 

There will be separate competitions for 7&U, 8&U, 9&U and 10&U.

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