Grading Process

In Australia, Netball is a graded sport and as a Development Club, Beaumaris Netball Club policy is to follow this process, therefore grading is considered compulsory for all athletes turning 11 years and over with the aim to form teams that have a balanced group of players of similar ability. Please follow the link to view the club’s Grading Policy (opens a .pdf file in a new tab).

Grading allows players of all skill levels to shine in a team of their suited ability, which is proven to build greater self-esteem and self-confidence for the individual. This creates stronger team bonding and development, along with enabling players to try out for positions, that in a team of various skill levels, they may not have been given the opportunity. This will then enable them to be competitive within their division and therefore provide players with an enjoyable season. There are many aspects taken into consideration such as player experience, ability, fitness, attitude and playing positions chosen.  Basic skills evaluation will include assessment of skills such as:-

  • Footwork/Movement Skills
  • Shooting Skills
  • Speed & Agility
  • Ball Handling / Game Play Skills
  • Attacking/Defending Skills
  • Sportsmanship & Attitude

Players and parents should be aware that success for a team one year does not ensure they will remain together the following year. Due to the nature of change, new registrations and differing development rates of all players from season to season, player movement in and out of such teams will occur. It should be noted that a netball team requires a balance of height, ability and ball skills as well as shooters, defenders and centre court players. Players shall trial in 2 positions in which they have nominated but may be asked to trial in other positions either to make up a team or because the selectors would like to see how they perform in those positions. Where players are asked to fill other positions during grading, they will still have an opportunity to play in each of their nominated positions during the selection process. For a number of reasons it may not be necessary for all players to play an identical number of quarters during the grading session.

Beaumaris Netball Club aims to ensure that team grading is conducted fairly and effectively. Players and parents are urged to be objective and reasonable in their expectations and to encourage their children to be happy in their sport whichever team they are ultimately placed in.