Training and Games


Once registrations and grading (11&U-18&U only) has taken place BNC will contact you (mid – March) to let you know what team your child is in. After that you will receive an email from your coach with training details, for teams that do not have a coach, teams will be contacted to ask for parent assistance in coaching.

Beaumaris Netball Club train at Falklands Park Courts in Kinross and play at HBF Arena Joondalup outdoor netball courts, generally BNC teams will train on a Tuesday afternoon, although training day/time is at the discretion of the Coach. Coaches have volunteered their time to provide training and therefore we encourage players to respect this by attending their given training session each week. Players are required to be at games 30 minutes prior to the published start time. Players must wear correct playing uniform, Black bike shorts under dresses, correct footwear and display a high standard of behaviour whilst representing Beaumaris Netball Club. 

Joondalup Netball Association will announce game times late March. All teams play at HBF Arena Joondalup outdoor netball courts. For updates on fixtures, game times and court allocation please visit the Joondalup Netball Association closer to competition

All match times are at the discretion of Joondalup Netball Association.  Please keep this in mind when registering your daughter, as players will not be permitted to move teams to suit other commitments that may clash with game times.