This video will give you a great overview on shot technique: Netball Skills- Basic Shot Technique

Think about the components of your shot. Each and every step must be consistent and done the same way – every time …..

  1.  Your feet must be lined up and in the same position every time. This will help the alignment of your shot.
  2. Your shot pocket or starting position and the grip on the ball should be the same every time. Generally speaking, the ball should be held above the head in a tall stance but comfortable and relaxed in the shoulders.
  3. Think about it: If you vary the position of the ball in your shot pocket, you’ll throw off the timing and control of your shot as well as its power and distance.
  4. Your shot motion and arm position should be the same every time.
  5. Your ankles, knees and elbow bend should all happen at the same time and have a consistent bend – “Down One”.
  6. Your next movement; is all up – ankles, knees and elbow all extend at the same time in one movement – “Up Two”.
  7. Your release point and follow-through should be the same every time. Your hand should be in the exact same position, resulting in the same soft/smooth rhythmic shot every time



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