Do I Need Netball Shoes Instead of Regular Trainers or Running Shoes?

Netball involves rapid acceleration, sudden and rapid changes in direction, stopping, balance and jumps thus the game places many demands on a player and as a result, injuries can occur. Netball shoes are built specially to cope with the rigorous demands of the game, more so than your regular trainers or running shoes.

Why netball shoes?

A netball shoe is specifically designed to protect the feet from the specific stresses encountered during a game and to give the player more traction. The differences in design and variations in material, weight, lacing characteristics and other factors among netball shoes are meant to protect the areas of the feet that encounter the most stress. Without the proper support, your ability to perform well is reduced while the risk of injury is increased.

Netball shoes for NetSetGo and Netta players

Since players of this age play games that are more about having fun (non-competitive), you don’t need to invest into an expensive brand of shoe. Growth and development of children is crucial therefore it is important to aim for a shoe that:

  • Provides adequate support and cushioning – lace up sports shoes are still a must (not fashion shoes or sneakers with velcro).
  • Is a good fit to the arch – running shoes in particular come with a variety of arch supports. Knowing what type of arch the child’s foot has–high, medium, or low–can help in selecting the most comfortable and supportive shoe.
  • Provides for pronation – For some children who have flat feet or who pronate excessively, special orthotic inserts may be beneficial.

Important: A shoe should conform to the shape of their foot. A foot should not conform to the shape of a shoe.

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Why Firm Fitting Sports Socks are Important Too

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good pair of sports socks.  Your Netball Socks should come up over the ankle and be firm, but not tight.  These socks provide the best support for netball activities as they not only provide additional ankle support, but the firm pressure of the sock on the ankle also sends a passive message to the brain reminding us cushion our landings and helps to avoid ankle and knee injuries.  Great sports socks will also provide feet with breathability and moisture control to keep feet fresh for the duration of the game.

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